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Nature-Inspired Teachings
We use natural ingredients and traditional recipes to soothe your body & revive your spirit.
Our ancestors thrived on the enduring spiritual & wellness properties of the medicine wheel plants.
We create luxurious body & beauty products, handmade in Canada.
Peppermint Sage Housewarming Set
Sweetgrass Self-Care Set
Cedar Grounding Kit
Sage Purifying Pack
Nature Identical Sweetgrass Oil
Sage Essential Oil
Cedar Balsam Essential Oil
Alberta Wildrose & Cranberry Fragrance Oil
Peppermint Sage Conditioner
Peppermint Sage Shampoo
Sweetgrass Handmade Soap
Tobacco Patchouli Soap, Handmade
Wildmint Sage Handmade Soap
Cedar Balsam Handmade Soap
Sweetgrass Candle
Sage Candle
Sage Candle
Cedar Balsam Candle
Wildrose Cranberry Soy Candle
Sweetgrass Hand & Body Lotion
Lavender Sage Hand & Body Lotion
Peppermint Sage Body Lotion
Peppermint Sage Hand & Body Wash
Sweetgrass Aromatherapy Mist
Sage Aromatherapy Mist
Cedar Mist
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Cedar Mist
Lavender Mist
Lavender Mist
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