Harvest Box with Lofttan, Lodge Soy Candles, and MEE

A Collaboration Between Three Brands

This Fall, we're excited to be a part of the Harvest Box, a collaborative bundle that combines products from three brands: Lofttan, Lodge Soy Candles, and us (Mother Earth Essentials).

Lottan & Lodge Soy Candles are the other two brands Rexall partnered with to bring Indigenous small businesses onto the shelves of their stores. We were so thrilled to be a part of that milestone with them!

The Harvest Box

This box is a Limited Edition product that you can find in all our store: The Harvest Box. Check out below for what products are included!

From Lofttan
A gorgeous, accessible, no clasp, universally-sized wrap bracelet reflecting the warm, deep golden hues of autumn.
Bring some shiny to any arm party! This burnished copper wrap bracelet is made with faceted crystals and adorned with two charms; one sparkler, and one Sterling-silver plated Tree of Life to honour all our relations
From Mother Earth Essentials
The Experience Sage Collection includes:
Peppermint Sage Handmade Soap 100 gm / 3.53 oz
Sage Aromatherapy Mist - 120 ml / 4.06 oz
Sage Scented Candle - 4 oz
Sage is found abundantly in dry areas of North America and has an herbal, spicy scent. It is used in ceremony for smudging; as a means to cleanse negativity from ourselves and our spaces. Our ancestors also used different varieties of sage for medicinal purposes. It is the southern direction of the medicine wheel.
From Lodge Soy Candles
Woodland Forest Created by Cree/Metis designer, Angela DeMontigny to capture the healing properties of the forest ~ pine, fir and cedar essential oils to bring peace of mind & comfort to your soul and home. 8oz Travel Tin • Burns 50+ hours

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