Introducing Four New Herbal Tea Blends

New logo, new products, and even more to come!

This year has been wonderfully busy! We continued our work to collaborate with boutiques and retailers across North America to carry Mother Earth Essentials products and we're ecstatic to continue growing our partnerships with hotels for our amenities line.

If you've been following along on our Facebook and Instagramor maybe even popped by our store in Edmonton and caught us in the middle of a staff meetingyou already know that we've been working hard on our new logo. The original design will always have a special place in our story, but our brand has grownand as it continues to evolve, we want to reflect that in our branding.

Which brings us to some new products: our tea blends! We're excited for so many reasons to have these herbal teas on our shelves but we're even more excited to share them with you!

The new Mother Earth Essentials blends are all 50g herbal teas. Each blend is specific to a way it can fit into your lifestyle and each one is named as such. If you're looking for comfort, balance, a little help relaxing, or a way to rejuvenate and restorewe have a tea for you!



Mint · Chamomile · Lavender

A wonderfully calming blend to help you relax.

View the Dream Blend



Mint · Willow · Muskeg

Great for inflammatory and muscle pain.

View the Comfort Blend



Berry Blend

Delicious fruity tea. Great hot or cold!

View the Restore Blend



Raspberry Leaf · Sage · Rose

A lovely blend for balancing hormones, especially during your moontime.

View the Balance Blend

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