Using Essential Oils & 3 Blends to Help Relax

Essential oils are used to positively affect our health, physically, emotionally, and mentally. They can be used in a variety of ways—through the air we breathe using a diffuser, or topically by using them in baths and massages.

They can be a powerful natural remedy, but we must be cautious of the resources out there and the blanket advice that essential oil companies give about their use. It's never a bad idea to check with a certified herbalist or doctor before using them on your body or in your home.

Different Oils, Different Uses

Essential oils can be diluted in a carrier oil such as grapeseed oil or almond oil; in most cases, they should not be used undiluted on the skin. When it comes down to using oils, they all have different properties and roles to play.

In this post, we share a few oils and blends that can be beneficial to helping you relax.

Lavender & Sage

Lavender is known for its calming properties, sage for cleansing and bringing in positive energy.

Lavender Sage Essential Oil Blend


Cedar Balsam

When someone has been under stress or experienced trauma, cedar baths were traditionally used to help with healing and serenity.



Wintergreen and Black Spruce

Blended together, Wintergreen & Black Spruce can be used to make a soothing muscle relief bath. Both are anti inflammatory and wintergreen has pain relieving qualities. This is my version of a 'forest bath'!

Wintergreen and Black Spruce Essential Oil Blends


Have you tried Essential Oils before?

If you're new the world of essential oils, you probably noticed how much information is out there already. Have you dabbled with a few scents? Try adding them to a diffuser or in home-made beauty products? Carrie's book Mother Earth: Plants for Health & Beauty contains recipes and information on using oils and natural plants and products to create every-day products.


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  • Tracy Kohlman

    I love your essential oils I’ve made bath salts
    With different blends. Wintergreen and eucalyptus is a nice muscle soak. Especially love sweetgrass in the bath salts. The rose hip cranberry makes another nice bath salt soak. Definitely love the essential oils

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