The Medicine Wheel & Traditional Indigenous Plants

The Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel symbolizes a holistic and balanced way of living and healing. It is a powerful teaching tool consisting of many layers of wisdom and knowledge.

The Medicine Wheel is symbolic of the circle of life where there is no beginning and no end. It is divided into four equal sections and are used in a clockwise direction following the path of the rising and setting of the sun.

Four Directions: East, South, West, North

Four Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Four Corners of Our Land: yellow, black, red, white

Four Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air

Four Plants: Tobacco, Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass

Four Stages of Life: Baby.Child, Teen, Adult, Elder

Our culture and our spirituality lead us to believe that by reaching a place of true balance and a deep level of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self awareness, we will find a sense of the inner peace many of us yearn for.

Carrie, is reflective of her own teachings. There are many different teachings and variations.