Cedar Balsam Handmade Soap (110gm)


  • Cedar is one of the four sacred plants given to Aboriginal people & represents the western direction of the Medicine Wheel. Cedar is used as a ceremonial smudge for purification and to attract positive energy, helping to create balance. Cedar baths were a source of cleansing, healing, and strength. Cedar, high in vitamin C, was one of the first gifts given to Europeans upon their arrival to Turtle Island, helping to prevent scurvy during the long, cold winters.

    Balsam Fir, found in the boreal forests of Canada, has many medicinal uses such as treatment for arthritis, aches, pains & skin problems.

  • Saponified oils of olive, coconut & certified sustainable palm oil, cedar essential oil, fir balsam essential oil, chromium oxide (green), iron oxide brown).

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