About Our Products

All Mother Earth Essential products are based on Aboriginal culture and traditions and are based on the philosophy and teachings of the Medicine Wheel.


Traditional Focus
Mother Earth Essentials incorporates Aboriginal knowledge passed down to us from Elders and from the long line of Cree medicine women in Carrie’s family. The traditional knowledge guides our selection of the medicinal herbs, many of which have been used in Aboriginal culture for thousands of years.

“It is only in consultation from our Elders that we bring this knowledge to a wider audience,” says Carrie. “It is one of our goals is to promote the preservation of this knowledge,” she says. In support of that effort, a portion of Mother Earth Essentials’ profit helps support the aboriginal community and bring awareness of the Aboriginal culture and traditions to a broader audience.

“I wanted to make beauty products based on the Medicine Wheel because it is filled with wonderful teachings. The Medicine Wheel is really layers and layers of teaching about life from a physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional perspective,” says Carrie.

Using her training in cosmetology, Carrie blends complementary herbs, essential oils and scents such as mint, lavender or balsam to complement traditional Aboriginal plants of Sweetgrass, Tobacco, Cedar and Sage that are used in many of the Mother Earth Essentials products.  “Not everyone would want to rub tobacco on their bodies,” says Carrie. But when we blend it with patchouli it makes a beautiful soap. My hope is that our products will be the beginning of understanding of how to live according to the Medicine Wheel. If you live by the Medicine Wheel., you live in balance,” she says.

People Want Different Things. And That’s What We Offer.
The cosmetic industry has a multitude of complex definitions for natural and organic and multiple layers of what qualifies for various certifications. Added to the array of labelling parameters is the fact that not all consumers want the same thing.

Some buyers want 100% natural and organic products. Other buyers want the most fragrant, luxurious products. Other buyers want products that will make their hair the shiniest and their skin the softest.

People want different things. Mother Earth Essentials has choices if you are looking for organic, natural, luxurious, or handmade … or a combination of all those qualities.

Our Lavender Sage shampoo is natural and organic – in fact, the foaming agent is actually potato! This shampoo is handmade and hand poured. We also have organic handmade teas. Six of our teas are completely herbal and these teas are certified organic and wild-crafted (meaning we go into nature to pick the herbs which are grown locally). 

We have a luxurious skin care line. If 100% natural is important to you than select the Berry Seed facial oil. If you want a quality, luxurious option in a cream, then select our Cranberry Rose Moisturizing Cream – it’s not 100% natural because it has preservatives in it to keep it from spoiling.

100% Handmade
We have many handmade products. Our soaps, candles, teas, aromatherapy sprays, and bath salts are all handmade – we blend all of our ingredients with essential oils and hand pour all of our candles. We don’t just make our bath salts and teas for Mother Earth Essentials, our ‘make your own’ classes for bath salts and teas are very popular and are offered in-store and on location at office events and community seminars.

‘Hand Touched’
Our skin care line is not 100% handmade but it is ‘hand touched’ by Carrie and our team who blends our own essential oils, willow bark powder and berry seed oil into the skincare products that are made in bulk from our experienced and certified manufacturer. We ‘hand touch’ these products to add willow bark powder, which is a natural salicylic acid that works as to exfoliate and calm inflammation. We also add berry seed oil which is extremely nourishing because is able to penetrate the skin and is loaded with antioxidants.

‘Hand Guided’
Our hotel amenity line is produced at Hunter Amenities, one of the world’s leading formulators and manufacturers of personal care products. Hunter Amenities has been trusted for more than 30 years to supply products to luxury spa, hotels and retailers. Carrie works directly with the chemists that formulate Mother Earth Essentials products and she continues to test the products throughout the creation process.

Environmentally Friendly
Our line of hotel amenities is packaged in Canadian-made state-of-the-art recyclable (non-virgin) plastics that biodegrade in 2 years as opposed to traditional plastics that take 1000 years to return to the earth.